Technovation Curriculum

Technovation Curriculum

August 2016 - Current

I develop the curriculum for Technovation, which is the world’s largest technology entrepreneurship program for girls ages 10-18. Every year Technovation invites girls from around the world to identify a problem in their community and then challenges them to solve it. Girls work in teams and are supported by mentors to develop a mobile app and to launch a startup. In 2018 over 12,000 girls from more than 100 countries participated in Technovation.

Curriculum Overview

On a team of three, I developed a twelve week, twenty-one unit curriculum for middle school and high school girls participating in the global Technovation Challenge. We developed both the structure and the content of the curriculum. The curriculum is split into four major categories: coding, business, marketing, and pitching. Each category assumes no prior knowledge and teaches students how to create the necessary materials to participate in the competition.

  • Code - Students create a fully functioning mobile app with App Inventor.

  • Business - Students create and execute a business plan to turn their ideas into startup businesses.

  • Market - Students create a brand and an identity for their business by making logos, a mission statement, and a marketing plan.

  • Pitch - Students create both a pitch video and an app demonstration video to showcase their ideas to the world.

Curriculum Table of Contents

Student Workbook

We also developed a student workbook designed to be used with the online curriculum. The workbook is a project management tool for students and their mentors. It highlights keywords and activities throughout all of the units and reminds students when to upload to the online platform.



My team and I also guide the efforts to translate the curriculum into sixteen different languages. By working with volunteer translators, we assess the needs of girls living in different regions and figure out the best way to deliver curriculum to them.

Student Learning Community

With my team, I am helping create a learning community for Technovation students and alumni. As part of this movement, I asked Technovation students to submit youtube videos explaining various concepts that they learned to participate in the challenge. Both alumni and current students can submit videos in their any language they want and videos are featured on the curriculum page. Students who participate have the opportunity to contribute to the learning community and to showcase what they have learned.

Student Made Tutorials