Engineering Nature Summer Camp

Engineering Nature Summer Camp

Summer 2014 & 2015

During both the summers of 2014 and of 2015, I developed and taught a four-week outdoor summer camp for students aged 4-10. The curriculum includes six hours of activities for five day weeks. Each day the children work on the following skills:

  1. Observing and drawing inspiration from nature
  2. Building hands-on projects with simple materials
  3. Teamwork and playing with other children
  4. Problem solving and creative thinking
  5. Relaxation, yoga, enjoying the outdoors

The weeks follow themes for the lessons taught, the books read to the children, and the hands-on projects the children build. The themes of the weeks are as follow:

2015 Summer Themes

  • Week 1. Basic Engineering Mechanisms in Nature
  • Week 2. Nature of the Past: Dinosaurs
  • Week 3. Biomimicry: Engineering Inspired by Plants and Animals
  • Week 4. Mimicking Nature with Electronics

2014 Summer Themes

  • Week 1. Biomimicry: Engineering Inspired by Plants and Animals
  • Week 2. Forces of nature: Wind and Flight
  • Week 3. Basics Engineering Mechanisms in Nature
  • Week 4. Understanding Expressions in Humans and Animals

Each week of the curriculum is meant to both be cumulative for children participating for all four weeks and also stand alone for those who join the later weeks. The building projects and concepts get progressively harder as the weeks go but can also be made simpler for children starting camp mid-summer.