Summer 2018 - Current

During this homelessness crisis, we believe every gesture of human kindness makes a difference. A jacket not only brings comfort physically but also, it can build a tiny connection that turns a stranger into a friend.


Spare connects people in need of clothing and other essentials with people in the community who have things to spare. It is like a one-on-one Goodwill. The main objective is to foster interactions between the housed and unhoused. We are hoping the donation can be a mechanism for building these connections throughout our community.

How it works

There are two main pages, a donation page and a request page. If you want to donate, the donation page houses each request that comes in, and you can fulfill a specific request from there. If you’d like to request an item, the request page has categories you can fill out a short form to request. Once there is a match both the requester and donator will receive an email and text on when to pick-up/drop-off the item at the designated donation facility. These locations are well known established donation facilities, already in use for general donations.

Spare was created by a small groups of volunteers with Hack for LA. As part of the team I helped write the code and QA the app.

Check out Spare!