Honest Quotes

Honest Quotes

October 2018

Honest Quotes is web app that helps truckers and customers charge each other more fairly.

Currently one the major issues in the trucking industry is that customer are asking truckers for a service and the truckers often do not know how to charge for those services and are unable to charge in a timely manner. This results in lost income for the truckers, who are helping transport things that we use and buy from stores every day. Honest Quotes is place where truckers can go and find the right price for a job quickly and easily. There are two features of Honest Quotes that helps truckers get fair rates.

  1. A drayage rate calculator that runs a drayage algorithm and displays rates directly to your browser. This solves the need to manually search for this information, reducing quoting time by 3-5 minutes per quote.
  2. A crowdsourced database created by other truckers displaying prices they were paid for jobs in the Southern California area. This allows you to compare your quote to what others have been getting paid.

Honest Quotes was created at Novvum Hacks using Javascript and Ruby on Rails.