Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge Curriculum

Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge Curriculum

January 2018 - June 2018

I designed and developed curriculum to launch the AI Family Challenge, which is the largest global technology program for families. The curriculum leads elementary and middle school children and their families through creating their own AI inventions to solve a problem in their community.


The curriculum focuses heavily on how to come up with an interesting problem and solution. It teaches participants how to build mental models of the world around them to quickly identify the causes and effects of different problems they observe. The curriculum helps families select a meaningful problem and conceptualize an effective solution. Families are guided to create solutions that benefit from using artificial intelligence technology.

Artificial Intelligence

The curriculum teaches the foundations of machine learning. Participants explore ideas such as datasets, training, models, computer vision, and deep learning through examples and activities. Families use Machine Learning for Kids to train their own machine learning models to experiment and play.


The curriculum challenges families to treat their invention as if it were a product on the market. Through competitor and consumer research, families pin down their markets and build the best product for today’s world. Families identify their minimum viable product that will solve their problem while satisfying their users’ needs and standing out from competitors.


Families learn how to showcase their inventions by recording five minute videos and pitching their inventions to a panel of judges. They learn how to talk about their projects and the artificial intelligence technology that powers them. They also learn to tell the story of the problems and solutions that inspired their inventions.