How to GraphQL

How to GraphQL

March 2019 - Current

How to GraphQL is a website that hosts technical tutorials about GraphQL. The first version of the site and the tutorials were created by Prisma and I am part of the team creating the second version of the site.


When it is completed, this version of How to GraphQL will be an open source learning management platform. It will host technical tutorials about GraphQL and will be adaptable to create other technical learning experiences. Here are some of the main features this new version will have:

  1. The site will host tutorials about GraphQL written by the Prisma team
  2. Members of the community will be able to contribute tutorials about anything related to GraphQL
  3. Users will have a defined learning path through the tutorials
  4. Users will log in and keep track of their progress on each tutorial
  5. Users will be able to upvote and bookmark their favorite tutorials
  6. Admins will be able to see which tutorials are the most popular and are being completed

Technology Stack

How to GraphQL is being built using Gatsby, GraphQL, Prisma, and React. The project will be an open source project for members of the GraphQL community. The project is scheduled to be completed during Fall 2019.